At Near North Montessori School in the city of Chicago, our Farm to Table program is built upon the relationship between our school farm – the Farmessori – and our student-run restaurant – the Sandwich Shoppe.

The Sandwich Shoppe is a student-run restaurant that operates year-round, provides over 100 lunches daily, and sources from the Farmessori whenever possible.

This program is designed to meet the social and cognitive needs of students between the ages of 12 and 14, while also providing a school-wide Economics educational experience wherein younger children, parents, teachers, and staff are able to be active participants, contributors, and stewards.

Additionally, our program is founded on a social justice and sustainability-based curriculum that occurs in direct correlation with a real work practicum based on real need.

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Farmessori DIRTY DOZEN Vol. 1 from Joe Phillips on Vimeo.

A random collection of a dozen or more happenings at the Farmessori, in no particular order.
Featuring the young farmers of Near North Montessori School in Chicago.

Soundtrack: Pinball Number Count by The Pointer Sisters (1975)
Production & occasional muttering: Joe Phillips